About us
"Enjoy the game & Chase your Dreams"

Who We Are?

Owned and operated by Perfect11 Fantasy Sports, Perfect11 is an online fantasy sports platform that helps sports fans actively engage in their favorite sports and win real money using their skills and knowledge of Cricket.

Perfect11 is the most trusted fantasy sports platform and one of the fastest growing fantasy platforms in India. Launched in 2022, Perfect11 has regular players from across the country and a 4.5-star average rating. Many exciting contests, and big winnings, we have it all.

Our Mission

In this Cricket-crazy nation, we wish to offer every Cricket lover the best online fantasy sports gaming experience. Perfect11 works with a simple mission of providing people the same thrill and excitement on their smartphones as they would feel being part of a match on the sports ground, and bring a revolution in the online fantasy sports industry.

Every person wishes to invest in the Fantasy seeing the benefits it possesses, but the risks and volatility of the Fantasy has made it difficult to risk your money in the market. This makes it essential to learn online trading before actually investing your hard earned money in the vicious cycle of profit and loss. That is the reason we suggest you play stock trading game.

On Perfect11, You can play online Fantasy game. Perfect11brings you Mighty 11, a game which helps you play free challenges. It is available for all equity market enthusiasts who are interested in learning, trading and financial activities.

In the Sports Fantasy game Mighty 11, a player has to create a team of 11 stocks, each stock from a different sector. In this, stock trading game, you can also choose your captain and vice-captain for your team.

Play online Fantasy game as it does not involve the exchange of any cash. This is the only Sports Fantasy game which has stimulation and learning about the Fantasy. Therefore, you can enjoy the game and the learning process without wondering whether you win or lose the money.

It will help you to understand the Fantasy better. You can analyze the risks, choose wisely and invest in stock that are profitable.

Play the Fantasy game as it will also help you in keeping a keen eye on the Fantasy activity through the help of virtual games and guides available on our website. This can help you in analyzing the Fantasy in a better way.

What are you waiting for? Download the app, play the Fantasy game and practice trading, and learn the online Indian Fantasy game without investing money.